Babbel for Business product Babbel Intensive with 1:1 online lessons

Babbel Intensive

Babbel Intensive

Blended learning with the combination of our language learning platform and group video lessons

Babbel Intensive is the premium package for companies that want to improve individual or team language skills in a short period of time. Following the proven blended learning principle, Babbel Intensive combines independent learning using job-related content on our language learning platform with 1:1 video lessons with professional teachers. This enables intensive focus on individual job-related learning goals.

Compared with Babbel Professional, Babbel Intensive includes these additional benefits: 

  • 48 1:1 video lessons, each lasting 30 minutes
  • Individual learning support with certified teachers
  • Measurable learning progress with the proven blended learning method
  • Straightforward onboarding material for the 1:1 video lessons