Babbel is the best-selling language learning app in the world. We’ve transformed the way people learn languages and, after launching in 2007, quickly became the world’s most innovative education company. We love that we get people speaking a new language almost immediately and are proud that 73% of our users can have simple conversations within the first five hours of using Babbel. What an achievement! 

We’ve named our (not so) secret ingredient The Babbel MethodDevised by our expert team of language researchers, this method uses cognitive psychology and pioneering didactic techniques to build courses designed to make learning fast, fun and effective. The method includes speech recognition technology, a review function to target areas to improve as well as courses tailored to your native language. The Babbel Method incorporates listening, speaking, seeing, reading and writing exercises to ensure a holistic approach to mastering a new language.


Babbel launches you into real-life conversations by:

  1. Using immersive, real-life dialogue scenarios to get you speaking right away
  2. Basing each course on your native language and personal interests
  3. Employing proven cognitive techniques that place new vocabulary in your long-term memory
  4. Using human voices and speech recognition to get you speaking confidently