What is Babbel?

Babbel is an e-learning platform for language learning, available in both a smartphone app and a web-based version for tablets and PCs. Babbel does NOT operate based on an algorithm — it’s made by humans, for humans.

What makes Babbel so special?

Babbel offers the flexibility of e-learning together with the language teaching expertise of a 150-person Didactics team. Babbel offers:

- lessons targeted to the learner’s native language
- motivational materials for learner success
- continually updated and optimized learning content
- 15-minute lessons that fit any schedule
- choice of themes, lessons and content
- content that’s immediately applicable to the real world

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What can users learn with Babbel?

Babbel’s lessons cover the following aspects of language: vocabulary, grammar, situational use, comprehension and language production. Content varies from language to language and is continually updated. You can find more information about e.g. our Business German Courses here.
Babbel also includes content in, for example, Business Spanish, medical terminology, idiomatic expressions and important facts about target countries, peoples and cultures. You can find out more about current course offerings for each language here.

How do users learn with Babbel?

In the Babbel app, learners choose their level and are then directed to the corresponding lessons. In a Babbel Intensive course, this learning is combined with in-person tutorials (a.k.a. blended learning), which take place over videoconference with native speakers, for which learners simply arrange their desired meetings online with their instructors of choice.

What is the Babbel Method?

The Babbel Method distinguishes itself through learner motivation and efficiency. All lessons are conceived according to the latest developments in language pedagogy. Also unique to Babbel is that lessons are always tailored to the learner’s native language. As such, we work with a diverse array of methodologies, which we explain in greater detail in this blog post. Our blended learning format is particularly effective; in our Intensive course, learners are trained especially efficiently using a combination of e-learning and online tutorials.

How quickly can someone learn a new language with Babbel?

Studies on the pedagogical effectiveness of the Babbel app and its didactic methods show, in short, that Babbel works.

-According to a Babbel user survey of 45,000 users in spring of 2016, 73% of learners felt ready for their first conversation after five hours of instruction, and 97% would recommend the app to friends and associates.

-These numbers were augmented by a scholarly study completed in fall of 2016 by the City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of South Carolina: 81% of study participants stated that they had improved their Spanish abilities with Babbel. After only 15 hours of study with Babbel, participants had learned the equivalent of a semester’s worth of college Spanish.

- In 2019, Michigan State University undertook a study of the effectiveness of Babbel’s didactic methods and found that 97% of participants who had engaged in a total of 10 hours of Babbel or more showed improvements in vocabulary and grammar tests, and 73% also improved their conversational abilities.

What’s the difference between Babbel for Business and Babbel for individual customers?

Babbel for Business offers the renowned Babbel experience with relevant additional services for flexible learning in the professional environment, including:. 

- an admin portal for simple management of multiple learners
- the ability to transfer services in case of employee turnover
- variable start dates
- choice of target languages: access to one language or all 14
- customer service
- supplementary learning materials

For our Professional and Intensive courses, we also offer:
- implementation support for a smooth start
- regular user reports
- regular business review
- premium customer service

Babbel in Your Business: First Steps

I’ve ordered online: What happens now?

We contact you within 24 hours, discuss a start date with you, and unlock the admin portal. There, you can upload a list of participants (individually or as a CSV), with a single click. Participants will receive an invitation by email, and after clicking on the link, they’re unlocked and ready to go. The invitation can be created with or without a time-sensitive deadline, and it can also be resent.

What do I need to start?

To unlock the admin portal, we will need a contact person who is permitted to manage the user accesses there. You’ll also want a list of learners with current company email addresses. Depending on the course, learners will need the required devices (smartphone, tablet, PC), as well as a headset or speaker and microphone on their PC. For device system requirements, see below (>Technical Questions).

When does the course start?

You finalize the start time after you order.

What is the admin portal and how does it work?

With our user-friendly, business-specific dashboard, businesses can manage access, as well as add, delete and transfer learners, allowing the flexibility to react to changes in their workforce. Babbel unlocks the admin portal after your purchase is complete.

Babbel in use

Can I see if my team is using Babbel?

Yes. In the Professional and Intensive courses, you receive weekly or monthly user report in Excel format, with users anonymous or named. Our Didactics team can also see how each learner (anonymously, of course) is completing each lesson, and can optimize accordingly.

A team member left my business. What happens to their user access?

Accesses can be transferred, for example when employees go on parental leave or leave the company altogether. Just delete the inactive account by clicking on the “delete” button next to the email address. Now you can simply enter a new email address or user with the “add” button.

How can I motivate my employees to learn?

We are happy to support you (in the Professional and Intensive courses) with our “Welcome Packet”, which includes motivational emails, posters, etc. Additionally, we have accompanying study materials and suggested learning paths (for various topics and languages), available for easy printout.

Can I use the app as a supplement to an existing in-person course?

Absolutely. The app is an excellent complement to in-person courses. All lessons are freely accessible at any time, and that way users can access the lessons that correspond to the content they’re studying at that time. This offers them the opportunity to study certain topics more intensively.

What experiences have companies gained so far with Babbel?

You can learn more about Babbel in practice by checking out some of our customer stories.

Learning and Course Content

What languages does Babbel offer?

At present, Babbel offers 14 languages. You decide if the learners on your team should have access to one or all 14. Our target languages are: German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Indonesian and Russian. We offer Babbel in the following languages of instruction: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Polish.

How does the Babbel app work?

The Babbel app is developed to be user-friendly and clearly organized. Learners first choose their level in the target language, and as a result they are directed to the corresponding lessons, which are arranged according to content such as vocabulary, grammar, different areas of life, expressions, etc. Lessons include reading and writing, as well as speaking and listening comprehension.

How do employees book their appointments with live Babbel instructors?

 Learners can read the profiles of different instructors and choose their instructor for each tutorial (based on individual emphases, goals and topics), by choosing a free appointment in our calendar. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

How does Babbel’s live online instruction work?

Learners connect with their instructors via videoconference. Our instructors use a virtual whiteboard, so that they can work through lessons on specific topics together with learners. Tutorials last for 30 minutes.

Do learners always have the same instructor?

Learners can choose which instructor they’d like to speak with – it can always be the same person, or they can vary instructors based on individual learning goals and emphases. Our instructors’ profiles list their emphases and specializations.

Does Babbel offer blended learning?

Yes. There are two possibilities to use blended learning models with Babbel. You can either book our blended learning package, called Intensive (which is Babbel Live + Babbel Classic), or you can use Basic or Professional as a supplement to an existing in-person course at your business. 

What course content is available?

Course content varies from language to language, and is continually updated. Our current course offerings should offer a good overview

What levels of study do you offer?

Babbel offers beginning, intermediate and advanced courses. In our course descriptions you’ll also find tips for finding the right level. Babbel bases our course design on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, whereby we focus on teaching relevant speech in communicative situations. Pure grammar and vocabulary lessons cannot be attributed to these levels because our framework does not address them. Will my employees be tested for their language level? – In the Babbel app, learners first assess themselves, and we offer a placement test as support. With Babbel Live, during the first lesson our instructors make an assessment of learners' language levels and adjust the lessons accordingly.

Which certificates does Babbel issue?

After completing a course, learners can download a Babbel Certificate of Attendance, including the language level, via the website.

Products & Payment

Which courses are available with Babbel for Business?

With Babbel for Business, businesses have a choice of one or all 14 languages. We offer the following target languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Indonesian and Russian. Our courses are tailored for absolute beginners as well as speakers who would like to increase or deepen their existing language competencies. We offer three versions: Babbel Basic, Babbel Professional and Babbel Intensive

Does Babbel offer custom courses for companies?

Talk to us. It’s possible your perfect course is already being planned or in production! We’re able to find the perfect solution for a large number of learners.

What forms of payment does Babbel offer?

You can purchase Babbel for your business via credit card.

What do I do if I don’t have a VAT ID?

 As long as your company or organization is located in Germany, just let us know.

How long does a subscription last?

A Babbel subscription runs for 12 months. It will renew automatically, but can be cancelled up until three months before the end of the subscription period.

How do I cancel Babbel?

Just write us an email.

When is the cancellation deadline?

The cancellation deadline isthree months before the end of the subscription period.

How can we add user accesses during our subscription period?

You can easily increase your number of accesses by sending us an email. The cost is determined on the basis of the booked receipts and prorated based on the remainder of the subscription period. Our Customer Service is happy to answer any additional questions.

Technical Questions

Is Babbel only available as an app?

No. Babbel also has a web-based version for tablet and PC. With the app, it’s possible to book tutorials with native-speaking instructors. These take place via videoconference, either as part of the Intensive course or booked individually.

Where and how is Babbel accessed?

 With a current user account, Babbel can be accessed on your phone, tablet or PC, with course content automatically synced. Both our lessons and your personal vocabulary list can be downloaded for offline study.

Is it possible to use Babbel offline?

Yes. It’s also possible to use Babbel where there is no internet access. Lessons and individual vocabulary lists can be downloaded in advance and then used offline. Your progress will be synced automatically the next time you have a working internet connection.

Technical requirements for using Babbel on a PC, tablet or smartphone:

No software installation is necessary. For a PC, you’ll need a processor with 1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM or higher, a monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution, Windows 7 or higher or Mac OSX 10.12 or higher. Your browser (Chrome, Firefox) should be the most current version and Javascript and Cookies must be activated. For the Babbel iOS app, iOS version 10.0 or higher is necessary; for Android, version 5.0 or higher.

What are the technical and equipment requirements for Babbel Live?

For online tutorials with Babbel Live, you need a functioning headset or a computer, laptop or other device with a speaker and microphone, as well as a working internet connection.

You’ll find more information here.

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