Our ebooks offer a variety of topics related to corporate language learning. Take advantage of our advice to successfully implement an online learning solution in your company, achieve team goals, and overcome typical challenges. Browse our library to find all about professional online language courses.

The Ultimate Guide To Language Learning

The perfect starter kit to introducing language training in your company
This hands-on guide will help you find the right language learning strategy for your team by assessing your team’s needs, identifying the right learning model, and helping you kick off your new initiative!

From Offline to Online

Improve your company’s language learning efforts!
If you want to introduce language courses or make your current offer more effective, this eBook is right for you. It will help you identify the most effective method for your team. Offline or online learning? Or maybe a mix of both?

Blended Learning

The most effective method for language learning?
A blended learning approach combines online and offline language learning so that learners can benefit from the best of both worlds. Is this method right for your company? This eBook will help you find out.

Expert Advice for Digital Learning in Companies

What can you learn from experts about digital learning in the DACH region?
Understand the importance of digitalization and online corporate learning. Learn to read collected data on employee development to make the right learning choices for your team and achieve your company’s goals.

Banking Meets Blended Learning

Implementing effective language learning in the finance sector
Do you work in the finance sector and want to offer language courses to your team or optimize them? Find out how the approach of blended learning can turn your language learning efforts into a success and ensure the highest ROI.