How Language Learning Can Boost Your Brand Strategy

Lilly Miner
How Language Learning Can Boost Your Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is often associated with a slick new logo or a new website design. But more than anything, brand is about communication. Consistent, concise, and memorable communication is the single most important way a company is perceived in the public eye, and that’s why it’s crucial that communication is smooth across every touchpoint. A robust and flexible language learning strategy is key to ensuring your employees are able to articulate your messaging, so together you can build a successful brand. 

This article will explore the ways in which your company can demonstrate and implement strong external communication that won’t just shape your brand but will make it as influential and memorable as your product. And the best part? Your team will feel motivated, confident, and secure in their new language skills. 

What is a brand?

Brand is a word that’s widely used but not always understood. It’s the way a company, organization, or individual is perceived by their audience. This can be via their visuals — such as logo, type-face, website design — as well as their communication — social media channels, customer service experience, market positioning. All of these factors are extremely important when building a brand strategy, and if one of them falters it can be difficult to rectify. That’s why they say “it takes years to build a brand and seconds to destroy it.”

How communication can impact your brand

One of the most volatile and easily damaged brand pillars is communication. That’s because, unlike a logo or a website, communication is in the hands of each individual associated with your company, and is therefore in a much more precarious position. Just one employee providing poor customer service to an influential customer could ruin your company’s hard work in seconds. With social media acting as the most powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool in existence, it’s more important than ever to ensure every customer feels satisfied and looked after.

It’s not all doom and gloom — streamlined, consistent communication throughout your company can make your brand shine like a beacon of light against your competition. When each touchpoint lands the same messaging, your customer’s will experience your brand exactly as you planned, which will create long-lasting relationships, positive brand perceptions, and an increase in sales. 

Research shows that the bulk of this responsibility lies with customer service. A study by Microsoft Dynamics 365 states “In our real-time, always on, digital world, customer expectations continue to rise. As technology evolves at breakneck speed and brands leverage data to create personalized, value-add experiences that are available anytime and anywhere, customers carry increasingly elevated expectations to every interaction — including customer service.”

95% of those surveyed said that customer service is crucial to their impression of a brand, while 59% of those surveyed have higher expectations from customer service agents than they did a year ago.

How communication impacts your brand

When a customer has a positive interaction with a sales representative, that person is more likely to buy their goods and recommend a friend. Smooth communication contributes to a pleasant experience, while stilted communication can leave the customer feeling dissatisfied, and they may share that negative experience with friends.

Communication isn’t just about speaking — a spelling error or typo in brand assets will reflect poorly on the company as a whole and may damage their brand. Strong written skills are just as important to verbal skills.

With companies operating in increasingly international business environments, clients and customers expect to be able to communicate in their first language. If a company employee travels abroad and cannot speak the language of their client, this will reflect badly on the company brand.

When your customer service agents are able to switch to the native language of their customer, that person will feel nurtured, seen, and more confident in their communication. It will guarantee a pleasant customer experience. In a feature titled The Importance of Customer Service and Brand Image CEO Today reveals “48% of consumers have stated that they are likely to become more loyal after their first purchase; if the service is good. Not only that, but if you’re looking to increase your consumer acquisition rates — this is a good avenue to go down. 84% of people make a purchase because of a referral; so if your first impression is worthwhile, it could lead to additional business.”

How language learning boosts your brand

Teams that are able to communicate in multiple languages will improve more than customer service — it will benefit sales, PR, marketing, social, partnerships, and international growth. A multilingual team will be well-equipped to make your customers feel comfortable and cared for, and will demonstrate skills including empathy, open-mindedness, and intelligence. 

Babbel for Business is a language learning platform designed with business in mind. Your entire company can have access to the platform, which provides 15-minute bite-size lessons for every level in 14 languages. It’s well suited to a global-facing company — in just one flat rate, each employee can choose the language they want to work on — Spanish, English, French, just to name a few — and improve their communication on their lunch break, on the way to work, or at home. To make learning even more effective, the language learning platform can be combined with 1:1 video lessons or group video lessons. 

When every employee has access to our award-winning language learning platform, your communication will become streamlined and your messaging refined — which means you’ll turn customers around the world into brand ambassadors.

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