How to Ensure Successful Digital Onboarding from Home: Our New Booklet

Thea Bohn
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Digital onboarding from anywhere in the world

The new normal is forcing management and HR teams to scrutinize established onboarding routines. In our latest booklet, learn how you can create a digital start at your company.

The first day at a new job is special — not only for the new employee, but also for the HR department and team leads. You meet at the office for the first time with a mix of curiosity and excitement in the air. You shake hands, have a friendly conversation, and get introduced to the different departments… at least, that’s how it used to be.

Since March 2020, everything has changed: New positions start at home. Improvised workspaces in the living room instead of sleek desks in the office. Countless video meetings instead getting to know people face-to-face. Since the coronavirus pandemic, onboarding from home has become part of the new normal. A successful onboarding period is enormously important because that’s where you lay the foundation for a thriving new work relationship.

Digital onboarding is a challenge for everyone

The situation is difficult not only for HR and the existing team, but certainly also for the new team member. When working from home, the usual difficulties you have getting started can’t be addressed as easily. When you have to schedule a time to talk about each small question or write to yet another new person online, motivation can quickly decline.

 HR and team leads should ask themselves a few core questions:

  • How can tasks and procedures be explained when questions can’t be clarified on the spot? 
  • How does team cohesion form when collaborating with colleagues is done virtually?
  • How is the company culture conveyed when the workplace is at home?
  • How can onboarding even be successful without personal contact?

All these doubts are justified. One thing is clear: The new digital normal fundamentally calls into question the former onboarding routines.

Digital onboarding doesn’t have to be a stopgap solution. With a few deliberate decisions, you can ensure that your new team members have an effective and satisfying start to their new job.

new team member is onboarded from home

Tips for a digital onboarding process in our free booklet

In our latest booklet, we describe the challenges and potential of a digital onboarding process. 

Learn how onboarding from home can be organized effectively:

  • Compact insights and concrete tips help you organize a digital and vibrant onboarding culture.
  • In an open testimonial, you’ll hear about a new-joiner’s start at Babbel for Business during the pandemic.
  • Our helpful timeline guides you step by step through the digital onboarding process.

Starting a new job comes with many new things: tasks, skills, tools, and of course colleagues. We believe that a good onboarding routine supports this varied learning process. And at Babbel for Business, we know that learning can also be digital!

Download here our booklet on digital onboarding

We hope that you’re able to add new talent to your company, even in times of crisis. Our booklet helps you develop your digital onboarding process so that the first weeks are a thoroughly positive experience for everyone involved.





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