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With the Babbel app, Sodexo employees of all levels tackle their Spanish and English language skills for improved work and life quality.* 

Sodexo Case Study

The food services and facilities management company, Sodexo, is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420.000 employees from over 120 nationalities. Mutual understanding among team members and effective communication with clients is essential for the company’s success.

The Challenge

With a significant population of native Spanish speakers in the US, Sodexo is faced with two main linguistic challenges: frontline-employees with low English proficiency having difficulties communicating with customers, and some managers with low Spanish proficiency having difficulties communicating with their employees. 

Therefore, the company needed a language learning solution that addressed the diverse needs of their employees and customers. That’s where Babbel came in, with a tool that both front-line employees and managers could use – individually, independently, whenever, wherever and how often they wanted. 

Why Babbel?

Babbel enables shift workers and management with busy schedules to learn in small chunks, at their convenience. While commuting to work or during breaks, for example, learners have enough time to complete a lesson. Besides that, learners benefit from an independent learning environment where they can practice vocabulary and oral skills and overcome speaking hesitations and fear, boosting their confidence in the new language. 

"I could listen to expressions, repeat them, and listen to them as many times as I wanted."

A participating Sodexo employee

Babbel’s onboarding material ensured a smooth start, and weekly reminders helped keep learners on track with their individual learning goals. The intuitive design of the app also helped learners with low technical literacy to adjust quickly. 

Sodexo learners appreciated the flexibility and convenience of the app, as well as the lessons provided, which presented situations relevant to employees’ daily interactions.

“Learners are likely to be more engaged if the learning content mirrors the real-life language usage.”

Researcher of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA 


Using Babbel helped to increase the employees’ willingness to communicate, as they felt more confident and comfortable using their second language. Sodexo benefited from improved internal communication and better customer service. 

* This case study is based on the results of a study conducted by linguists at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA.



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