Customer Success Story Scout24 with Babbel for Business

Promoting Diversity – with Babbel

At Scout24, great emphasis is put on diversity. With a team of employees from 56 countries, their motto is: “Diversity drives innovation.“

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With their digital marketplaces ImmobilienScout24 and AutoScout24 – market leaders in Germany and across Europe – Scout24 serves as a guide for consumers and helps them make informed decisions. 

The Challenge

As Scout24 grew, the number of cross-cultural touchpoints in everyday work increased as well. But how do you develop a uniform company culture when so many different cultures are mixed together? The solution was to foster a company culture that made diversity a focus of its own. As everyday work at the company is designed to be flexible and digital, Scout24 had to find suitable educational opportunities. Babbel met this need by providing a flexible solution that worked well for both the company and the team.

"Diversity drives innovation – the best ideas come from mixed teams where different experiences complement each other."

Jesko Schäfermann, Vice President People, Organisation & Culture

Babbel In Practice

Scout24's employees have access to various continuing education options, including language learning with Babbel. Every Scout interested, receives a Babbel account, Schäfermann explains. Flexibility in the learning process is an exceptionally important factor for motivation.

"A modern tool like Babbel increases our employees’ intercultural understanding and their enthusiasm for learning."

Jesko Schäfermann, Vice President People, Organisation & Culture

Therefore, the concept of e-learning fits well into the company and in its way of working. Babbel’s courses can be individually designed using Babbel’s flexible content and, therefore, empower employees to communicate effectively in an international working environment, to learn a new language, or to enhance existing language skills.


Scout24 informs and guides people to make important life decisions. To deliver that promise to users, innovative ideas are essential. The success of this approach is visible not only in the success of the company but also in the diversity of the employees. For Scout24 the motto applies: the more diverse, the more innovative.

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